Driving 'The Beast' through North-America

GPS logs, reports and pictures

The route

The track starts a little earlier (in January 2020), in the port of Veracruz, where The Beast has arrived by boat from Colombia. A lot was stolen along the way but the GPS was not on board, so she can continue to do her job:

Clicking on the square (on the right in the blue band at the top of the map) will open a new window where you can zoom in more easily. By turning on the legend (in the upper right of the blue band) you can show the track per quarter (and also have the 2009 motorcycle track drawn in it).


Isabelle Isabelle writes the reports, which are published (first, but in Dutch only) on Isabelle's blog and later appear here as well.

More Current

You can follow us almost daily if you read our "check-ins" on iOverlander.


We take pictures this time around, too. About 2% of the photos we put in a slideshow slideshow (in a new window).