Southbound, solo: the Americas

Alaska - Tierra del Fuego Panama

GPS Logs

The GPS recorded every mile I travelled. (And retained them, even during the year the motorcycle (with an empty battery) waited for my return.) During my trip, I periodically published a part of the track, but Google has stopped that way of showing GPS logs. I have combined the whole track into one and published it here (in this new, more cumbersome way). There's no point in having the smaller tracks as well - I deleted those.

So, this shows the whole trip on a (smallish) map. By opening a new window (small square upper right hand corner, blue band) enables you to zoom in and see (painfully accurate, at times) where I was.

The red pins show where a day trip ended. (The green ones indicate the start, but you cannot see them, because usually the day tracks start where the previous one ended, making the red ones cover the green ones. But if you zoom in far enough, then you'll see the green ones (and you'll see where I spent the nights).)


The pictures I thought were worthwhile are collected in a slideshow (in a new window).

E-mail reports

Motorcycle rebuild

I have been writing reports during this trip, which I e-mailed to friends and family. After the trip, I added pictures and put them here: