Alaska - Tierra del Fuego Panama

Motorfiets revisieSome repairs were required after the crash in the Jordanian desert en route to Aqaba. Luckily, I had a crashed R1100 GS in parts in stock. It was obvious to not only replace the bent rear-frame, but the engine also.

I have disassembled, cleaned, overhauled of replaced virtually everything during the winter of 2008/2009. The 'moped' with (then) 210,000 km (or 131,000 mi) on the odometer feels a lot better this way: the donor-heart which has covered 7-fold fewer miles, new bearings and overhauled Öhlins shockabsorbers will keep this old lady alive for quite a while.

On June 14th, I departed for Miami where my motorcycle had arrived one day before (after many delays). The American authorities caused some additional delays, but I finally started riding on June 18th.

Unfortunately this trip ended different than I envisioned: with a broken hip in Costa Rica, just before the border with Panama (in March 2010). I was (finally) in the position to recover the motorcycle in April of 2011: I went back to Costa Rica and Panama for about one month.

E-mail reports

As usual, I have written reports. My native language is Dutch, and most reports await translating.


The few that are worth looking at have been put in an slideshow.


My GPS kept track of every kilometer I put behind me. While on the road, I have regularly updated my GPS logs. Below, you'll find an overview.

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