Tierra del Fuego - Alaska Ecuador

The map with the road travelled Mirjam and I started our journey by plane on November 26th, 2002. For the duration of one year, or so we thought. Our motorcycles had been travelling at sea for about 6 weeks then. The bikes and us arrived at about the same time in Chile. Starting in Valparaiso, the harbortown close to the capital Santiago, we made our way South. The climate grew colder and colder. But we did get to Tierra del Fuego before New Year's Eve.

After that, the climate warmed up (fortunately). It was especially hot in the Peruvian deserts along the Pacific Coast. Miriam got very sick in Peru and spent a week in hospital. During the following five weeks, she did not recover. Eventually, we threw the towel in the ring on the Equator (almost). Miriam did recover slowly once back in Europe.

We'd like to express our profound gratitude to Niek Jongerius for translating our journal into English.

Below, you'll find our reports - 20.000 kilometers (about 12,500 miles) to be covered while reading...

E-mail reports by Adriaan

As usual, I have informed many of my friends by e-mail. Afterwards, I added pictures for this website:

Reports by Miriam

Mirjam Casteleijn While I chose to write in a more thematic fashion, Mirjam took it upon her to tell our story chronologically. Read below and find out where we've been at what time, etcetera.